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C Quencer MINI (Full Kit)

13,750 JPY

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The MINI version of the "C Quencer". This is the Full Kit version. So you need to solder and assemble all of the components. Build Document(English): https://docs.google.com/document/d/16xulsCy5wDDI6SnGMwVo65jZKX4Gvp93J_emYwCth8Q/edit?usp=sharing Build Document(日本語): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1szKdW-v0Hog82IEvaehRI0JZ5sUI4eQH68K5i-dXt2c/edit?usp=sharing [English] C Quencer is a unique interactive Rythm and Melody generator. It combines a Euclidian Rythm generator with a Quantizer based Sequencer and two WaveTable oscillators. It generates rhythm using a formula created by The Greek philosopher and mathematician Euclid. The idea behind his formula is to try to distribute rhythmic pulses as evenly as possible on a timeline. Euclid's algorithm is ideally suited for generating a large family of complex rhythms. The second feature that makes the C Quencer unique is its way of generating melodies and timbre. See more: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PbINYRG8AjUML1afg6QGoEZxlJ-1_oPO/view?usp=sharing Option: You can select the button color and the led color. Selectable Button Color: Black(default), Gray, White Selectable LED Color: White(default), Red, Green, Yellow, Blue Leave a comment on the order If you want. [日本語] C Quencer はユニークなリズムとメロディーを生み出すシーケンサーです。 リズム生成はユークリッドリズムのアルゴリズムに基づき、メロディは内蔵クオンタイザーにより生成されます。 また、二つのWavetableオシレータを持っています。 詳しくはマニュアルをご覧ください: https://github.com/centrevillage/C_Quencer/raw/master/doc/C_Quencer_ver1.0_Manual_JP.pdf オプション: ボタンの色とLEDの色を変更できます。 選択できるボタンの色: 黒(デフォルト)、 灰、白 選択できるLEDの色: 白(デフォルト)、赤、緑、黄、青 色変更のオーダーは注文時にお伝え下さい。

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